Sometimes there’s a gap between reading the docs and writing your integration. The gap between confirming a use case, verifying the api works as you expect (based on your reading of the docs) and actually writing some code to prove your assumptions correct. You don’t want to (or maybe you can’t) go all the way to downloading & running one the Xero SDKs.

While this may sound strange to a gun slinging, bare metal, “I don’t always push to production, but..” kind of dev, yet at larger enterprises many non-dev’s won’t have all the access required (or permission) to setup…

Here’s a few gotchas I’ve run into while working with sequelize. Writing them down to hopefully save someone else a few minutes.

Sequelize is a pretty awesome ORM for node, it’s giving me strong active record vibes and I like it!

It features

  • seeds & migrations.
  • Eager & lazy loading of associated models.
  • Hooks (lifecycle methods / callbacks)
  • Generators (npx sequelize-cli)

Sync your models

One feature which sequelize has over active record is the capability to ‘sync’ your models to the db. …

A proof of concept for verifiable, decentralised, web scraping (data collection)

SearchShare is a PoC for sharing verified search engine results between users.

It enables a user to submit a copy of the search result they've received from a search engine, in a manner which does not enable the user to tamper or manipulate the results received. In doing so, it enables at trustless relationship between users.

Once search results have been submitted, users visit the website to compare results between users, between queries & between search engines.

The use case builds upon the concepts of notarisation which enables the creation of signed copies of web pages, which are provably authentic & independently verifiable…

A few months ago my partner started a masters in counselling. In doing so, it was time for an upgrade from the 2010 Macbook air I’d handed down to her years earlier (still going strong despite the dead battery, which I know is easily replaceable, but the first I ordered was DOA and I never got around to a second attempt)

So she ordered an iPad, with a pen (as yet unused) and Apple threw in a free pair of Airpods, part of the ‘back to uni’ specials they run (on top of standard discount for students, 15%??).

I’ve been…

I was looking for an image captioning solution for a few images. IBM’s MAX image caption library was the first one I found, results, not great. Pretty terrible on these kinds of images really.

IBM’s Max Image Caption library:

How to use:

$ docker run -it -p 5000:5000 codait/max-image-caption-generator

Downloads the image and runs it.

Then you have a the api exposed locally:

You can use it via curl, like so:

curl -F "image=@samples/surfing.jpg" -X POST http://localhost:5000/model/predict

Or, you can test it via the swagger documentation:

Open you browser to:

Some Image & Response Examples:

So you’re invited to a super surprise party and you need to prepare for the virtual event. The good news, getting dressed is 50% faster! Just throw on your favourite party shirt and you’re good to go. Shoes, socks and pants are always optional at a zoom party.

Pros only. Make sure you know where that camera’s pointed at all times!

But you will need two important things:

  1. Download Zoom, NOW! Not on the day. (unless you downloaded it within the last month or so, you should also try updating it)
  2. Download our chosen virtual background and apply it (again, before the big day)

Here are your instructions for getting these two steps done. Any problems, just shoot an email…

Quick rundown of some of the must see artists playing at St David’s Sanctuary at SXSW 2019.

Madison Cunningham

Beauty into cliches is a ripping track. Strong Margaret Glaspy vibes. Love it! Can’t wait to see the live show. Playing March 13th.

Willie J Healey

Haunting song writing from Willie puts this straight on my must see list. Have a listen to 666 Kill to see what I mean. Playing March 14th.

Novo Amor

If you loved Bon Ivor’s Holocene, Novo Amor is your man. Sweet folk tunes with auto tune vocal goodness. Playing March 15th.


Soulful songstress with some Amy Winehouse esque vocals…

There is far more to blockchain technology than the price of bitcoin. This post & PoC project will explore a real use case of blockchain technology. While this is just a proof of concept to show what you can do with Xero’s API, it’s possible to implement this feature yourself.

For context: Xero is cloud-based (SaaS) small business accounting software. Business owners use it to manage their business while accountants and bookkeepers use it to provide business advisory & compliance services to their small business clients.

If you’re not aware of Xero, this will give you some context for this…

YCombinators’s 26th Winter 2018 Demo Day has launched 141 new startups into the world. The startups were pitched to investors over two massive days.

Following up last years post on YC startups, lets look at which YC startups in the W18 batch could utilise Xero’s API.

The mix of startups in YC has definitely changed over the years, there are far fewer SaaS / b2b focused startups and far more biomedical, ai & robotics startups. So the list of applicable Xero integrations is becoming a much smaller subset of the overall YC startups.

Station — A web browser specifically for saas

Easily my favourite startup in this batch…

Xero is deprecating the use of TLS 1.0, and suggesting all API users upgrade their integrations to use TLS 1.2

30th of June 2018 Xero will be deprecating the use of TLS 1.0 for any application communicating to any Xero API product. After this date, all applications communicating with Xero products must use TLS 1.1 or above. While it isn’t mandatory, we recommend applications upgrade to TLS 1.2 as the Xero API already has support for this.

Or get the news directly from Yas & Yasmine live from Xero DevTV

More in-depth details on how/why:

Riley James &, Ex-Developer Evangelist @Xero

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